Project objectives

The overall WhiteFish objective is to strengthen the competiveness of the European cod and haddock industry by documenting and disseminating the relevant and desirable characteristics the products have, in particular in relation to sustainability, environmental impact and transparency.

 The specific WhiteFish objectives are as follows:

  • To develop a method called “Batch-based Calculation of Sustainability Impact” (BCSI) which is based on the data already recorded by the industry, which can be used by the industry itself, and which enable specific EI/SI calculations on individual product batches.
  • To test and validate the BCSI method in three different cod/haddock supply chains. To train the SME- AGs in those chains to use the method thus ensuring that it is suitable for the intended target group.
  • To produce guidelines for SME-AGs and SMEs on how to calculate sustainability impact in the captured fish industry using the BCSI method.
  • To produce recommendations for SME-AGs and SMEs with respect to what data related to sustainability they should record regularly to automate the EI/SI calculation process.
  • To publish the details of the BCSI method as a low level European standard (a CEN Workshop Agreement or CWA) to ensure transparency, impartiality and widespread uptake.

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